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  •     Important on IPTV Server-1:
    Now active users on IPTV-Server-1 can arrange all settings from dashboard! Please check settings-page to get link to dashboard!

    All problems with xtream panel on server-1 solved!

        Important on IPTV Server-3:
    2019-09-19 IPTV SERVER-3
    We are upgrading all our servers and thus, users will experience buffers until November. To compensate for this, we will add 1 month of our subscriptions to all our current users. Sorry for the inconveniences that Tv-Share has caused you.

    2019-09-19 IMPORTANT!!!
    Attention Please!!!
    Dear All Users! Please be aware there is a problem with all IPTV providers and we are also facing the same problem as we are all using once script for controlling the service, and the company who provided this script Xtream is sized by Europe Police.
    So until we find a solution to get back in normal operation we need your patient.
    STAY SAFE! Thanks Best regards Head of Team
    More info about this problem:

    Sorry, Free Test on Server-3 Now NOT ACTIVE!!!


        VIP ALL IPTV
    on Enigma2, any Windows Player, Android, Smart TV, m3u

    26972 Channels on server-1:
    A1 TVAfghanistanAfricaAfrica VIPAlbaniaArab CountriesAustraliaAustriaBelgiumBrazilBulgariaCanadaChinaCzech RepublicDenmarkEstoniaex-Yuex-Yu VIPFinlandFor AdultsFranceGermanyGreeceHungaryIcelandIndiaIndia VIPIndonesiaIranIsraelItaliaJapanKoreaKurdistanLatin AmericaLithuaniaMacedoniaMalaysiaMaltaNetherlandNorwayPakistanPolandPortugalRomaniaRussianSloveniaSpainSwedenSwitzerlandThailandTurkeyUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom VIPUnited StatesUnited States VIPViet NamVIPVIP SportsVOD AlbaniaVOD DenmarkVOD EX-YUVOD FranceVOD GermanyVOD Germany Kids HDVOD IMDB TOP250VOD IndiaVOD ItaliaVOD Multi-SubtitlesVOD NorwayVOD PolandVOD PortugueseVOD RussianVOD SwedishVod Swedish KidsVOD TurkeyVOD Turkey Series: SözVOD United KingdomVOD XXXVOD: Spain

    Client panel added, so you can modify list/countries, MAG, Enigma as you want!скачать dle 11.3

        Active -Packages on Server-1:

    Prices on Server-1:
    30.00,-€/3months, 60.00,-€/6months

    Notes Server-1:
    Client panel active on Server-1! So, You can add/change/delete MAG, E2 yourself... Just remember one device same time connection allowed!

         Place Ordering for VIP_IPTV on Server-1! 

    Editor Master - 1-03-2020, 07:35
    Reason: Active on Servers 1. Server-3 REPLACED!
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    rhis (offline)

    • 18 January 2020 22:35
    • Registration: 28.11.2019
    • Comments: 2
    • {rate}
    Channel links are dead "404", pointing to the old server I guess!

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    Master (offline)

    • 19 January 2020 14:30
    • Registration: 19.10.2019
    • Comments: 4
    • {rate}
    which link???

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    rhis (offline)

    • 29 January 2020 18:56
    • Registration: 28.11.2019
    • Comments: 2
    • {rate}
    this one for example

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    LaZerus (offline)

    • 17 February 2020 10:24
    • Registration: 15.02.2020
    • Comments: 1
    • {rate}
    works great

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    Cardsharing, IPTV General menu  Last Comments:

      • Master 03.04.2020
        Reseller Program (2)
        pls contact me via PM if want to be reseller HAVE U READ?????? - Pleasae contact Admin via PM to get more info
      • pisti33 03.04.2020
        Reseller Program (2)
        Привет как работает панель?Reseller iptv info please
      • Master 03.04.2020
        VIP Hot Bird (2)
        Thx for feedback! but mention server... :)
      • zbyszekz 03.04.2020
        VIP Hot Bird (2)
        Everything ok
      • Master 03.04.2020
        Sky Deutschland (3)
        Hi pls check last news - 2020-01-21 Server-5: SkyDe!!! in case you are using newcamd protocol you must connect to both ports - 09c4 and 098C. Please update your emulator configs! All settings you will find on settings page. 2020-01-01 SKY-DE on Server-3!!! NEW CAID, PORT ADDED! Please check settings page! So, if have problem with SKY-DE, pls check settings... all should be fixed.
      • LaZerus 03.04.2020
        VIP ALL IPTV (4)
        works great
      • cox1981 03.04.2020
        Sky Deutschland (3)
        I have the same issue, Sky was changing the encryption again, so all cardsharing providers are trying to solve this problem at the moment. Therefore you can only use IPTV at the moment to watch sky.,
      • nargar 03.04.2020
        Sky Deutschland (3)
        Hello! I have problems with receiving SKY DE package. All channels went black a few weeks ago , except Sky sport 1 sd and Sky sport 2 sd. I\'m using AB Cryptobox 650 HD with MgCamd. All other packages are working nicely. Is there a solution for it? Thanks for answering. Nargar
      • rhis 03.04.2020
        VIP ALL IPTV (4)
        this one for example
      • Master 03.04.2020
        VIP ALL IPTV (4)
        which link???

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